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What is mortgage Finance?

Mortgage finance is the process of financing investors to purchase, build or renovate residential, administrative, or commercial units by guaranteeing a lien on the property or other guarantees accepted by the financier in accordance with the regulating laws and procedures.

Should the mortgage property be registered?

The property you purchase shouldn’t necessarily be registered. However, it shouldn’t include any violations and is eligible for registrations.

Is it possible to settle my mortgage before its due date?

Yes, you can settle your mortgage at any time after 6-month of financing, for an agreed upon fees.

Can I rent the property before fully settling the mortgage loan?

Yes, you can, provided that you inform the company in advance and receive a written approval from the company before leasing.

Is it possible to finance more than one unit?

Yes, you can, given that your total monthly mortgage installments do not exceed 40% of your monthly income.

Is it possible to combine more than one partner?

Yes, you can. But they have to have proof of income.

Is it possible to combine more than one source of income?

Yes, this may include deposits, investment certificates, rent receipts for other properties owned by the investor, agricultural land ownership contracts, tax declaration form, a certificate from a chartered accountant, or an any other proof of income accepted by the company.

Can I take finance on a property I already own?

Yes, according to the Equity finance product which allows you to take out cash finance against any owned property.

Who is eligible for mortgage financing?

Every person who is at least 21 years old and have sufficient income proof is considered eligible to apply for mortgage finance.

Is it possible to combine the income of the spouses?

Yes, you can combine your income and the income of your spouse. In this case, the total income is dealt with according to the credit limits.