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Let Equity Improve your life

Equity Finance

Use Your Home Equity if You Need Money. AAIMF equity allows you to take out finance against the equity you have put into your homes through a mortgage, free your assets for use with other expenses .


This could include covering the cost of improvements and renovations to your home, as well as investments elsewhere while enjoying favorable interest rates. Under Ijarah financing,


we will purchase the property from the developer/seller, and lease it out to you with a promise to sell at the end of the lease term.

Product Advantages:

  • Get a lump sum of cash and use the funds however you wish
  • Benefit from decreasing rates with variable annual rate
  • Fixed monthly payments help you to plan ahead
  • Speedy process and minimum documentation
  • Finance available for Resident and non-resident Egyptians 
Products type
  • Residential – Commercial – Administrative
Products Features
  • Finance up to 80% of property value
  • Up to 15 years repayment Period
Eligibility Criteria
  • Minimum age at the time of applying is 21 years 
  • maximum age is 65 years at the end of finance term
  • Resident & Non-Resident Egyptians only
  • Salaried paid, self employed professionals and non professionals are eligible for this product.


We provide an easy finance